What is a "civic" hackathon?

The Houston Hackathon is a "civic" hackathon to solve problems that affect the greater public—such as traffic information, voter registration, or recycling programs, just to name a few.

Who should come to this Hackathon?

Anyone interested in improving Houston should join us. We're a vast—and welcoming—community of passionate people from all walks of life!

Do I need to know how to program/code?

Not at all! Just bring your own energy, thinking cap, personal experience and individual expertise.

If you do want to brush up on coding skills, check out our workshops (also free) leading up to the hackathon.

I don't know anyone. Will I find a team?

Check out the Hackathon Project Ideas List to find a project you might like, or create your own project. We do encourage choosing a project idea and finding possible teammates ahead of time, since we only have 24 hours! Teams can range from 2-20 people, but the ideal size depends on your idea and ability to manage it. Generally, 3-5 people works out well, though there have been great solo team and great 10+ person teams.

Are there fees to participate?

Nope, this is a free event, thanks to our fabulous partners!

What kind of equipment do I need to bring?

You should plan to bring your own electronics: laptops, power cables, graphics tablets, etc. We'll be providing white-board access and some power strips.

Will I have internet access?

Yep, Houston Technology Center will provide wi-fi.

What software can I use?

You are welcome to use any software you have access to/licensing for. To officially submit your project, you will need to use Github.

The event is 24 hours. Are we locked in for the night?

Though hackathon technically runs 24 hours, we never lock anyone in. This year, we are considering closing at midnight and re-opening 7am Sunday.

Will there be a spot for me to take a nap?

If think you will need a little shut-eye while your team keeps working, bring your own pillow. We suggest leaving to get good rest, though!

Will there be food?

YES! You just focus on using your brains, and we'll provide the fuel (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks will be available for free, thanks to our generous sponsors). If you have dietary restrictions, please consider bringing your own food.

Fire up your collaboration engines!